Our Chef

Domenico Fezzuoglio

With over 35 years experience, Executive Chef Domenico Fezzuoglio was born and raised in Salerno, Italy, a province which is one of the most important and strategic ports on the Mediterranean Sea.  Domenico ventured abroad at the age of 21 where he explored and started his career in the Culinary field, with accomplishments that range from owning and operating  several restaurants, catering and very well known for his positions as an Executive Chef in the most reputable Event Centres in the GTA  for brands such as Peter & Paul’s & currently with our Team here at Ascott Parc Event Centre.

One of his colleagues that has had the privilege of knowing and working with Domenico for more than 20 years describes him as not just being passionate about food,  but that his love of food,  the creating, exploring, designing and  then executing  the art of cuisine is a natural born gift that illuminates him. Domenico combines the highest quality ingredients from around the globe with traditional techniques to deliver pure, uncluttered flavours, fashion forward presentation, and a style uniquely his own. He  is a respected leader and mentor with a wide range of knowledge and expertise within the Italian/European & Western Cuisine, with an extensive and outstanding rapport with Grand Scale Wedding Reception’s,  Corporate Galas and Social Events which leaves our clientele raving about our outstanding Cuisine & Services here at Ascott Parc Event Centre.


Thank you to our viewers for taking the time to read about our remarkable Executive Chef Domenico Fezzuoglio.  We hope that you’ll consider joining us here at Ascott Parc Event Centre for your future Wedding Reception, Social or Corporate Event,  where we bring all special occasions to life with memories that last a lifetime!